Spy Island Video Walkthrough





I accidentally cut the very beginning of this video, so when you land on Spy Island, go into the first building on your right.




Video Island Guides COMING SOON!!

I finally got the software on my computer, so I can now make Video Walkthroughs, I am currently uploading my Spy Island Video Guide, to YouTube. But YouTube takes a REALLY REALLY long time to upload vids. My name on YouTube is HannaH Blank (Nameless).


Nameless, trying to do math. I’m so bad at math, I can’t figure out how to work a calculator.

Back Lot Isand Written Guide Coming SOON!!

I am currently working on a written Island Guide for, Back Lot Island. It may take a little longer than it takes me to write most walk-throughs, because I was bitten by a spider. No lie, it hurts, and it may have been a Brown Recluse, a spider whose venom is worse than a Black Widow’s. Worse part, bitten on my ankle. So I am working on it. But I think I’ll just watch Smackdown for now.


Nameless, sorry.

Episode 6, TNA

NOTE: This episode might be confusing to viewers here at LHB, unless you have read the previous episodes. All released episodes are in the “The Nameless Adventures” Menu on Heroes Of Poptropicans. Here are the links in order, Episode 2-3, Episode 4 Part 1, Episode 4 Part 2, Episode 5, and Episode 6 is below. That is all, Nameless.

Sweet Dreams Mr. Myth

“ME: SP, you’re here!! — SP: Look out she’s aiming this time!!”  IC threw a lightning bolt, but missed by a mile. I might have injured her a little bit, but back to what’s happening. I run across the room desperately trying to reach SP. I’m getting closer, 50 yards, 40 yards, 30 yards, twen-


“SP: Nameless!! Get up! He’s right behind you!!! — Zeus: You foolish mortals! Witness the most powerful glitch in all of Poptropica, make ME ruler over EVERYTHING! Hahaha! (he needs to work on his evil laugh a little bit, he’s too cheesy)” Just so you guys know, I’m a little “Disoriented” at the moment… So umm DON’T JUDGE ME!    “Zeus: Come now foolish mortal make me Ruler over you all!! — ME: No. (SUPER weakly…) I won’t. You only hurt people. No matter what you do to me, I’ll never change the code in a way that is going to kill Poptropica. No. — Zeus: I don’t need you to change the code. I am the most POWERFUL being in Poptropica, so dear mortal, feel the Code change now. As I destroy the most moronic glitch in Poptropica.”

He raised his Master Bolt. (He’s about 15 yards away from where I’m lying) He threw it.       

But it never made it to me. Another bolt stopped it in its tracks / path whatever. But why?? Everyone in this room with a bolt wants to hit me with it.           “IC: Oh Master, I hope you don’t mind. But I will be the Poptropican to destroy THIS gli- AHHHHHH!!!!!!!”   SP had gotten free and tackled IC.  He stared straight at her and spoke so crystal clear, “SP: Which glitch? Because all I see is a witch. Oof!” Zeus shoved him aside, and walked to IC. SP ran over to me and helped me to my feet as we watched Zeus unfold. “Zeus: YOu stupid mortal!!! I warned you never to cross me!!!! Now I intend to keep my promise!!!” He lifted his Master Bolt and aimed it straight at her.

SP and I couldn’t watch, we used the time Zeus took, and ran for Fearless Owl.”ME: SP, go. Untie FO, I’ll keep our delusional Cloud Brain away.” SP ran towards FO, I turned around to see Zeus kneeling on the ground. That Mater Bolt must have taken a lot out of him. While he was down, I stood so close to him, I thought long and hard about where this guy should be. Then he disappeared. I looked but I couldn’t see IC anywhere.  SP and FO ran over. “SP: Where did he go!?!?!??!??! — ME: Don’t worry, he’s gone for now. And I guarantee he will be seeing me in his dreams.” And I said it with a devious smile.

Nameless ;)

Where do you think Nameless sent Zeus?? Tell me!!!


Season Finale Coming Soon!!!

The season finale of The Nameless Adventures Season 1, is approaching. Episode 7 will be the last episode of the first season. You can see all of the episodes posted so far at http://heroesofpoptropicans.wordpress.com/ . They are all in the, The Nameless Adventures menu. Hope you like them, and please comment on what you think of the show!??!

I am sorry to all who have joined TNA’s DEFiANcE. The show may come back for a second season if it gets enough likes. (and if our diva, Silver Penguin, will sign again)

Thanks, sorry for such a short post.


Nameless UnDEFiNEd

Mystery Train Island Written Walkthrough

Boys and Squirrels, this is the FIRST Written walkthrough for LHB, so I hope you like it, Nameless.

Head to MTI if you aren’t there yet. When you get there go left and talk to the guy who seems to be having trouble with his bags.  Then help arrange the luggage into a ramp like the one in this picture,  

MT 1


If you can’t see which is which from this size, click on the picture.  

• Now board the train. When you get inside, talk to EVERYONE you pass. It is VITAL (important)! Talk to EVERY SINGLE PERSON until you reach Thomas Edison’s room. Then go through the dialogue. You can press the S key to skip.It should save your game after each person you talk to. If it doesn’t, do it yourself.  The last room you should see before reaching Edison’s is Mark Twain’s.

• After you get to Edison’s room, talk to him for a minute. You can still skip the dialogue, by pressing the S key on your keyboard. Somewhere along the way you should pick up a pencil. After you talk to Edison, he wants you to be a people person. So go back to the Conductor, and talk to EVERYONE AGAIN! Except this time you have to go all the way to the back car. After you talk to EVERYONE, and knock on all the doors to be safe, go back to Edison’s room.

• Talk to Edison again and test out his invention. He will leave to get the reporter, but the train goes into a tunnel and the lights go OUT! When they come back on, THE INVENTIONS MISSING!! So now I don’t want to type so much so listen to what the people’s are saying,

• So talk to the Reporter and Eddie. Then leave and head to Mark Twain’s cabin. Talk to him and knock on a few blocks in the wall.

The block next to the cursor. • Then the train… STOPS! Talk to the Conductor, and then the Reporter. The train will be ready to leave again so when you get on, ask the coal guy about the invention. Then head to the luggage car. Click on the luggage with smudge prints. LOOK OUT FOR SCISSORS!!!!!!!! So now that your life has been threatened, go ahead and go to the next car on your left. Click on the purple juice stains on the floor.

• Go farther left and talk to the porter.  Before you talk to the Porter talk to Susan B. Anthony (she is in the dining car as well). Then head left to the porter. When the Porter walks off collect the notepad. Then use your pencil.  After that go to Tesla’s room.

• He won’t let you in so go talk to the coalminer. Now go talk to the Porter, who is still standing near Thomas Edison’s room. The Porter will tell you that the Coalminer was telling the truth. So now go talk to the woman in the Luggage Car. Then go to the Porter’s closet and put on the hat. Now go to Tesla’s Cabin. Click on the purple pitcher, then Tesla. After he leaves the room click on random places, no matter where you click the key will come RIGHT before Tesla gets back.

• You can take the hat off now. So go to the Luggage Car and use the key. You will find the Camera in Tesla’s luggage. So now return the device to Eddie. Then watch what is on the Camera. Now you have to go talk to Tesla. The Pinkerton won’t let you in… So to the luggage car you GO!! Go through the latch in the top of the luggage car. The top of the train cars is pretty easy. Just duck and jump until you reach the coal car.

• Talk to Tesla, give him the pencil, and go to his cabin to play a good old fashion game of Spot The Difference. (NOTE: You don’t have to go back over the train cars, you can walk right out to the left.) Click EXAMINE on the drawing of the room. Click on the suitcase. IT’S EMPTY!!! (NOTE: You have to click on the Pencil, in the drawing, first.) Now go to the luggage car and go across AGAIN!…

• Go back and talk to the guy by the Bathroom (In his room), Erik Weiz or something. After you talk to him, go talk to the NY Times Reporter. He is near Mark Twain’s room.  After you talk to him, read the article. Then head to Harry Houdini!! Get the case on the ground, Confront him, then follow him through the latch in his cabin. Back to jumping on roofs, rooves?? Roofs? Roove’s????? Oh nevermind YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!?!? This time, go left. Keep going left until you reach a latch on the red car.

MT 3


Where he fell through• When you land inside the Car, use the scissors.  Then use the Lock Pick Bag and SAVE HOUDINI!!! To do so, click on each bag and use each pick to move the stick things, until they are all even with the red line. Then you auto-accuse Harry of being a thief. Though he was just trying to help solve the case! So now, go to the Harry’s room and use the latch. Jump across the rooves / roofs until you reach the Coal Car. 

• Confront Tesla, tell him to come clean. Then use the Lock Picks on him. Leave and talk to Mark Twain. Then go to the very last train car, and get trough the booby traps.

• Now you can get to the VERY last train car. Who is in there?? Grover Cleveland!?? The guy who became president TWICE!?? 22nd and 24th? WOWZERZ! So when he asks a question, click on the cube that best goes with, here is the order I got,  PRUNE JUICE, COAL SMUDGES, KEY, BRIEFCASE, TESLA’S TRANSFORMER.

  • Go BACK to the luggage car and use the key again. It must be FRENCHY’S!! (No not the one from Grease)  BUT there are TWO Frenchy’s on this Train. Frenchy Lady whose name I can’t pronounce, and Eiffel dude. Go talk to Eiffel dude.  Then the train stops. YOU MADE IT TO THE FAIR!! WITHOUT BEING THROWN IN JAIL!!! So now if it isn’t obvious enough, GET OFF THE TRAIN!!


  • Run straight to the left. She’s getting away!! Dude don’t just stand there in awe CHASE HER!!! Run farther to the left, the drama queen FRENCHY will have the guards sent after you. Jump up the podiums, and wait until the lion’s are fed. When it’s chewing jump on its nose and so forth. When you reach the snake going up and down in the basket, jump on his head and then go left. When you go left there will be a first. Poptropican’s swirling!?!? WOW! Jump from totem pole to totem pole, trying not to fall to the ground. ONce you get to the 4th one, the guards will shake one of the totem poles and knock them over like a domino effect. Go left. Now.


  • You’ll see her jump up the ferris wheel. Follow her by climbing ropes and jumping up platforms. And it’s raining. Great. Umbrella anyone? Anyone? No?    Follow her by climbing up the crates. When you reach platform 13 she will drop a crate on you (Gonna feel THAT in the morning!!) THen jump on the rope with the red thing attached to it. Now climb up more. You will reach a point where it does the auto thing and you will see this if it AUTO’s CORRECTLY,
She's so Evil! :'-) I'm so proud!

She’s so Evil! :’-) I’m so proud!

So jump to the rope and SAVE THE TRANSFORMING THINGY!! (I thought those didn’t come out for like another hundred years after this?!?!?)  EARTHQUAKE!!!!! No FRENCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, wait. THANKS HOUDINI!! (Now I like him closer to how much I like Kanevel!) SO make your way down to the rest of them, and be a HERO!! But first you have to give the Transformer back… (And that stinks!! I wanted my own with a bumble bee design 😦 ) Talk to Grover, and THEN Become a HERO!!! Well that’s all. No bonus quest. So BAI BAI!!!